Rental Information and Application


If you smoke, vape, chew, use illegal drugs or have a felony record we are NOT interested in renting to you!

‡ Certified service DOG only is allowed

Non-furnished apartments include a cooking range and refrigerator.

2 Bedroom 1 bath Apartment 960 sq. ft. unavailable at this time

3 Bedroom 3 bath Apartment 1300 sq. ft. (2) available by April 1, 2024

4 Bedroom 4 bath Apartment 1300 sq. ft.     unavailable at this time

Tenants are responsible for the payment all monthly utilities, which include:

Trash charge ($20.00),  Cable & 100 Meg Internet charge ($100.00), Natural gas usage and  Ephraim City Utilities (water, sewer & electric)

6 month average cost for natural gas  is:      Ephraim City - average monthly cost is:

2 bedroom - $20.00 summer - $80.00 winter $115.00

3 bedroom - $30.00 summer - $105.00 winter $140.00

4 bedroom - $50.00 summer - $125.00 winter $160.00

(Abnormally cold temperatures and/or higher occupant count will increase utility costs)

The coldest winter months will be higher than the 6 month average

The Ephraim City Utilities application fee is $20.00 and the deposit is $200.00 -  Total payable to Ephraim City is $220.00.

The Ephraim City Utilities must be placed in your name before keys to the apartment will be issued.  A receipt from Ephraim City is required  to receive your keys.

A one time fee of $60.00 to setup the cable, internet & gas and $20.00 for 1st months trash fee   (payable to Maple Cove Apartments)

Rental application fee is $45.00 per applicant and is nonrefundable. (payable to Maple Cove Apartments)

From the Security Deposit amount paid $400.00  for (2 bedroom) and $600.00 for the (3 bedroom) and $800.00 (4 bedroom) is nonrefundable.  The balance, minus any charges for cleaning/repairs and damages, is refundable 30 days after move out and does not include or allow for the payment of any rent or contract buyout.  

Approved applicants need to sign the contract and pay a minimum of one half (1/2) of the security deposit within 24 hours of approval or risk losing the apartment.  

You must have the 1st months rent + at least 1/2 of the security deposit + the $60.00 hookup fees and  $20.00 trash fee to move in.  The balance of the security deposit if not paid in full must be paid in equal payments not to exceed three months.

Keys will issued the day the contract starts or on the move in date provided the rent, minimum of 1/2 of the deposit, hookup fees and trash have been paid and the Ephraim City Utilities have be placed in you name.  

Normal Rental Agreements (contracts) are for one year (12 months). If you seek for and are approved for a contract less than 12 months, the stated rent will increase by $200.00 per month.  

Please download, complete and sign the Rental Application for each adult person (18 years of age or older). Deliver in person or scan and email it to the email address below, or mail a hard copy to the Manager's address. You will need to include a normal size color copy of a picture ID (Driver's License/Passport or State ID) & Social Security Card + the last two months of paycheck stubs + and a Credit Report; for all adult applicants.   

NOTICE: The normal rental application process, including references, background and credit checks requires about 7 business days to complete.  Expedited requests (you want to move into the apartment in under 7 days) will require an additional non-refundable fee of $50.00  per applicant to complete.

The Security Deposit per apartment is the amount stated above, unless any of the following conditions apply.

** If any of the applicants have no credit history or a credit score below 640, poor rental history or less than two (2) years good rental history,  employment less than 1 year at the current employer they will require a cosigner and the security deposit will increase to $2,700.00 for a 2 bedroom, $3,600.00 for the 3 bedroom, $3,900.00 for the 4 bedroom apartments , if applicant(s) are accepted. 

If applying in person, please complete the application(s) before you arrive and have all other required documentation for each adult with you plus the application fees, Manager can make color copies as needed. If you are picking up applications to fill in later you will need to pay the application fee(s) before receiving the application(s).

Please call or text 801-473-8103 if you have any questions not answered above, or submit them via email to

Please Note: Only completed applications with fee(s) and ALL required documentation will be processed.

The application link is below.


364 S 100 E

Ephraim UT 84627